Being Unstoppable

Both these words–pride and love–go hand-in-hand. Although they compliment each other so well, they are also very different.
I am 20 years old and it has taken me up until this year to finally be truthful and honest with myself. As of 2016, I now can say that I am confident in the work I put my heart into and refuse to apologize for taking on a task that I know I can succeed in.

All too often, I meet people in school or just in general that are not 100% confident in their ambitions and all I can think is: what a shame. It is a shame that there is so much charisma and beauty inside this singular sole that they cannot see for themselves yet.
But it is our job as passerby in the world to help these soles by acting as their mirror and reflecting back what they may have not seen.

It is one thing to love thy self. To love, is to fully embrace the feelings and absorb it’s power. To have pride in oneself; now that takes a little bit more than love.
Pride is full immersion of the inner strength, then self-reflection. It is acting as our own mirror and recognizing the powers we feel inside and reflecting it back to the world. The world can be one co-worker or student in that moment, or it can be a room full of entrepreneurs, hungry to hear what you have to say.

Pride + Love= Unstoppable

Don’t stop for anyone; be your own body of water and keeping swimming until you reach your paradise.


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