That Makes Sense Now

“Oh, that makes so much sense now!”
Why do people say that? What do you mean it ‘now’ makes sense? Didn’t you try to make sense of it up until this point?
This phrase gets uttered all-too-often, and to be honest, it doesn’t make sense to say it.Whether you’re breaking it to someone that you’re not straight and do in fact have a girlfriend and you’re a women, or that you’re trying to explain why we can only see stars at night; either way, you should of made sense of it before you said so.
‘That makes so much sense now’ is a phrase that we have thought about. It’s meant to be spoken inside the mind, telling yourself in your head, not out loud. ‘That’ refers to the predicament in which the person speaking has caught themselves in. They aren’t sure how to react but awkwardly, admitting their misunderstanding out loud.
This is where the other phrase, “think before you speak” also comes into effect. Not everything should be said off the cuff, without thinking first about how it might come across.
But if you’re someone who gets paid to speak freely, then hey, more power to ya. I guess it just makes so much more sense to wait and then speak.


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