Everywhere I go, I sit

Everywhere I go, I sit. I sit in car to the grocery store.  I sit on a bus seat heading to work.  On an airplane seat. In a restaurant booth. A movie theater.  A lawn chair. An armchair.
I sit in these temporary homes for my bum, not think how many others they have also served before me.
It’s as simple as a stationary object such as a seat or lawn chair that can make our experience more memorable.
The same bus seat that takes me to work may be the same seat that takes a single mother of four back home from work. Or an airline traffic controller to the airport at 3am. A business executive to a board meeting with the highest grossing firm in the North West.
The destination is often the most common concern when traveling and the art of experiencing the travels to our destination is forgotten.
It may be a simple, mindless trip, but where ever we sit, it creates a different experience for each and everyone of us.


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