What if…

What if we had the capability to know a person before we even meet them?

Picture this: you’re sitting on a bus, heading to work. All these people are sitting in close proximity around you. It’s a 2 hour long bus ride and it wouldn’t hurt to talk to someone in the meantime.  What if there was a thought-like bubble that popped up above every single persons head, displaying a profile of their background. In this bubble contains interesting information about a person: name, age, where they are from, where they are traveling to. You would be able to know where they work and how they get to it.  Do they take 1 bus or 2? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know interesting facts about someone before they even know it?

Like watching a movie scene play out from a different version of What a Woman Wants.
What if you could know what they are currently thinking about? Would you, perhaps strike up a conversation with them?
Now some would say, “Oh no, I don’t want to know what someone is thinking! What if they are a pervert?!” Well, to that I would say I would agree with and might hesitate on my curiosity of knowing literally inside someone’s mind.
But hey, it’s just a thought. What if we could see inside a person’s mind? We might be more social, without the screens to hide behind.

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