Night time summer runs are therapeutic

After a run, I enjoy the peaceful stillness of the night–the beautiful night sky as it still has a light-blue glow on the horizon.

Nights like a warm blanket

It’s close to 9 o’clock at night in Ellensburg on June 8th and the heat has by now died down. It’s roughly 80 degrees and getting patiently cooler ever 20 minutes. I roll-out my legs, especially the right one to target my IT band, lace on my running shoes, grab my Garmin watch and head out the door. I look outside my window one last time before heading downstairs. My first breaths of air outside are reassuring that my run isn’t going to be a scorcher. I’m ready to go.

Night runs are therapeutic

I have discovered as a college student comes a busy, anxiety – plagued lifestyle. As a recreational athletes and an avid runner, my body craves to feel the pavement beneath my feet all the time.
After a hard day and especially after a hard week, the road is calling my feet.
And even as I wind down my second year in college, my day is usually busy, so I have to squeeze in a workout as soon as I get the chance. And night runs, well, let’s just say they have saved me from insanity more than once or twice.
Especially now when its right before summer and temperatures drop to a relatively suitable range at night, that the best time to go outside for a run.

I believe they are therapeutic for many reasons. After a hard week, we tend to dwell on all the stuff that has been clogging up our minds, keeping our brains occupied with worry and anxiety. When you go for a run, those worries quickly wither away.
You’re running on the road, the sidewalk, or through a park and you stop thinking about your to-do list because there are much more important things at hand like making sure you don’t get run over by a car or watch out for that mom and the baby stroller!
Because we are out of our element and in a much more larger environment such as the open road, we essentially must focus on staying alive and finishing our run so we can return home safely. Of course we don’t consciously think about this on our run, it’s human instinct to focus on our safety before figuring out who will be at the staff meeting on Thursday or what your English paper on modern day technology should be about.
And eventually on the run, we soak up out surroundings, listen to the creek silently babble and our feet pat the pavement as we move forward into the setting sun.



Clear the mind
The open road is a wonderful thing. Like a religion, I praise it everyday I get to enjoy it. Seeing the endless path of opportunities ahead of me is euphoric. It takes me to a place of drive, focus, and pure bliss. And at night, it’s a little quieter, critters are getting nestled in their burros, nature sounds its most peaceful and tomorrow has not yet come.


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