Are podcast the new Netflix?

Okay, so maybe podcast wont replace the online mega-hub for TV shows and movies, but that doesn’t mean podcast aren’t impacting media just as much.

For those of us who enjoy getting our fix of audio magic, podcast are the greatest thing ever to happen to the air waves. And for those of you who don’t know what the heck a podcast is, let me enlighten you…

A podcast is like a story for just your ears to indulge in. Much like watching your favorite TV show, it keeps your mind occupied, enjoying the story being displayed in front of you.

But why I think podcast are just as much of a guilty pleasure as a good Netflix binge is the mystery behind them. A podcast is strictly audio, no visuals included. It includes the art of storytelling by perfectly laying out one clip after the other to give the audience, or in this case, the listener a visual of what the scene might look like when listening.

Stephen Dubner, main narrator of Freakonomics WNYC
Stephen Dubner, main narrator and host of Freakonomics WNYC

The Best Podcast

One of my many favorite podcast is Freakonomics from WNYC. From the trumpeting introduction of each podcast that acts as the signature of Freakonomics, to the narrative-sweetness of Stephan Dubnar’s voice: it all plays a valuable roll in telling the story. Plus, the goal of this podcast is to answer strange questions that briefly popped in our heads, but didn’t fully think about the possibilities. They are inspirational, informative, and quite often quirky. Some episode I personally enjoyed: Failure is Your Friend, Could the Next Brooklyn Be… LasVegas?!

And honestly, I find podcast to be so much more easier to follow along with then a movie or even a short, 20-minute TV show episode because I get distracted and don’t feel like watching a screen forever.

Podcast are great for walking around the house or your apartment while you dust the furniture or scrub the bathroom sinks. Podcast are also great if your mind is thirsty for a good story, much like a story in an a TV episode, but you just don’t have time to sit down and devote all your attention to a screen.

Podcast are brilliant, portable and nostalgic. Much like my beloved Freakonomics cast, they take me back to when I was read a bed time story at night.

So basically in short, podcasts are bedtime stories for adult.

Other great podcast:

L to R:

Love +  Radio (WBEZ)- “The Living Room” “Thank You, Princess”

Radiolab (WNYC)- “Sight Unseen” “Things”

Slate’s Working feat. David Plotz-  “How Does a Child-Abuse Detective Work?” “How Does a Stand Up Comedian Work?” “How Does a Google Coder Work”


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