Don’t Label Yourself.

Time and time again, I catch myself trying put definitions and labels on myself. I am have been an athlete all my life and now not being heavily dedicated to a sport, I find myself lost and undefined-almost as though I am lost, still searching for my identity. It’s a daily contemplation to ‘figure out’ who I am and how I want people to persevere me.

Well, I’m just going to go ahead and say it….labels suck. They really do. Whether it’s defining your sexuality, a struggling athlete wanting to be better, a kid from the ‘ghetto’, a young girl who wants to be a boy, a school teacher that wants to make music for a living–regardless of what’s going on your life, live it the way that feels right for you.

There are countless beautiful people in the word that have been caught in the vortex of self-titling. Especially with sexuality, it should be no one’s business but your own when it comes to something as personal as who you love.

Examples are powerful

One of my favorite human beings on this Earth and who I someday hope to meet is USA WNT soccer player, Megan Rapinoe. It was only a few short years ago (if that) that she publicly announced that she was gay. And for the sake of women empowerment and being true to herself as a woman and as a professional athlete, she had to make that announcement.

But more importantly, she had to fully except who she is and be OK with telling the world. I admire her so greatly because she doesn’t let her sexuality define who she is–she is an amazing athlete and a hilarious person! Whoever she spends the rest of her life with is a bonus, not a negative attribute.

On top of all of her public image, she is a creative, humble and inspirational woman. She encourages people to express their creative side and to not worry about defining themselves because it will delay you from being honest with yourself and truly happy in life.

Yes, I am a victim of self-labeling and titling. Who I want to become, may take me awhile to get to that version of myself. But there are more and more people just like Megan Rapinoe who have pulled away from the spiraling vortex of questions such as “who am I really?” and “I can’t be like that because what will people think of me?”

There are over 7 billion people on this Earth–don’t get caught up in trying to have every single one of them to like you. You are as unique and beautiful just the way you stand today.

 “Being yourself is the most important thing. That’s kind of what makes us so special.” -Megan Rapinoe


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