Are you afraid to do what you love?

Are you ever worried that if you try to set out for a job, doing what you love, that it wont return the favor and pay well? Join the club.

It is so hard to find something your passionate about and make it into a career. But don’t give up hope just yet because what ever you are passionate about, you will do WHATEVER it takes to do that thing as a career.

Some may say it’s a matter of paying the bills. Worry about what is fun on your own time. And yes, that is somewhat true. If you are in a bind to keep paying rent and can’t afford (metaphorically and literally) to find that one career that you are super passionate about, then yes, focus on paying the bills.

But let’s not forget the flip-side to that coin.

I have always loved working with people. Coaching them in life and being there for my friends when they need to talk about problems in their lives. But I also really enjoy sports, music, film, and knowing cool facts (obviously).

So I made something out of it.

When I first came to college, pardon my french, I didn’t know what the hell to do with my life. I continued with my athletics, told myself I knew what my major would be and that I was a big girl and didn’t need mom or dad’s help sorting out my life.

Wrong. Try again.

I ended up dropping all of those concepts by my second half of my sophomore year in college. I joined the campus radio station and got my own on-air show,switched my major from exercise science to broadcast journalism and learned that mom and dad are the best people to help coach me through this strenuous period in life we call college. I eventually came to terms with what I really loved to do and I am so much more happy because of this transition.

me burgstock
I love working at a radio station-music galore!

So now, I can truly say I am doing what I love. All it took was actually listening to my instinct and saying F it to the people that wanted me to continue fitting the mold I put myself in and ‘break the social norm’.

I get to play the music I love on my show (Indie), talk about health and fitness, review products and be constantly immersed in a network of passionate and dedicated people in their field and in life.

All it takes to do what you love: trust thyself.  Find those things you constantly think about throughout the day, that get you excited and build off of that. If you’re passionate about something, a career will come naturally. Let the people that tell you what to do pass you by; don’t let them get you down because that is only toxic for your mentality.

Never stop believe in something you love.


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